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Pinchas_Cohen250x250 Pinchas Cohen, MD
Dean, USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology
Posted on google July 2011.

A colleague referred me to Dr. Wu after my back surgery because I was still having some pain. Being a physician myself I had modest expectations for this treatment but I (more…)

Great Acupuncturist

ms Michelle L,
Attorney, Santa Monica
Posted on Yelp June 2014.

Dr. Wu is amazing! I credit him for helping me get pregnant. I wouldn’t say I had fertility issues — my OB/GYN said it’s not considered a fertility problem until I had been trying at least a year, but I didn’t want to (more…)

Got pregnant! Amazing!

Leslie M Leslie M,
Nurse, La Habra, CA
Posted on Yelp Feb. 2015.

Dan is fantastic! I very much enjoy having this option as opposed to Western medicine. I have great trust in Dan, especially, knowing that he is a Western medicine trained OBGYN. He now only does (more…)

Dan is fantastic!

Yan Li Yan L.PhD.
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
Posted on Yelp May 2011.

Yan L.I have been seeing Dr. Wu for about 5 year since I was in graduate school. I had a bad pain during period and my period is not regular (more…)

I got pregnant!

Brandy V. Brandy V.
Beverly Hills, CA
Posted on Yelp May 2015.

Dan is great. I have been seeing Dan for multiple reasons and all of them have gotten better. He takes the time to understand and listen to everything. Acupuncture has helped me tremendously I wish everyone would try it (more…)

Dan is great.

Lynne K. Lynne K.
Posted on Yelp January 2013.

As a registered nurse I have seen every specialist, only been put on medications for temporary symptom relief. Dr. Wu has helped me with my IBD, depression, and fertility. I am off most medications and (more…)

Fertility, IBD & depression

Lauren S. Lauren S.
Writer, Studio City, CA
Posted on Yelp Aug. 2015.

Where to begin? Dr. Dan Wu is a genius and I don’t say that lightly. He is a one stop shop. He is a MD of both western and eastern medicine and an acupuncturist. I have been to a few in my lifetime and many years ago I (more…)

Dr. Dan Wu is a genius

Cindy A. Tessa P.
Los Angeles, CA
Posted on Yelp April 2014.

I’m so grateful that my friend referred me to Dr. Wu! He has helped me tremendously with my thyroid and menstrual cycle — not to mention that he got rid of a mole. Someone else wrote in their review that he is a (more…)

Tremendously thyroid

Angeline H. Angeline H.
Photographer, Griffith Park, CA
Posted on Yelp June 2015.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dan. I feel he is a true healer and a wonderful Dr. and above all he cares! I went initially for hormonal maladies, believing that my issues were not issues — just “female” things that (more…)

Hormonal maladies gone

Yanran L. Yanran L.
Los Angeles, CA
Posted on Yelp March 2013.

I got very serious shoulder/back pain weeks ago, and right after the treatment by Dr. Wu, the pain got much relieved~~The place is nice, quiet and comfort; and Dr. Wu is very patient and helpful. If there (more…)

Serious shoulder pain

Cindy A. Cindy A.
Beverly Hills, CA
Posted on Yelp July 2015.

Highly recommend Dr. Wu. I have always had an irregular menstrual cycle and haven’t had my period in five months prior to seeing Dr. Wu. Six days after my first visit, I got my period. Pretty good! (more…)

Missed periods 5 months

Cindy A. Sharmila Y.
Los Angeles, CA
Posted on Yelp December 2013.

I have been to many great acupuncturists all over LA and Orange County but Dr. Wu is by far the best. He is a genius. He has been my saving grace for the last 3 months after deciding to quit all steroid (more…)

Helped eczema

Vette H.Vette H.
Los Angeles, CA
Posted on Yelp Sep. 2013.

There are a lot of acupuncture places here in Los Angeles. I have been to a few in my life…from ones in Koreatown to West Los Angeles. None of them are better than Dr. Wu. First off, he is not only licensed (more…)

Constant pain and fatigue

Erin HErin H.
Studio City, CA
Posted on Yelp July 2014.

This is just an update since Dr Wu is so incredible. He has restored so many of my clients hormones back to normal and fixed other ailments. I’m not one for going to the Doctor ever since I feel Western medicine is so (more…)

Highly recommend Dr. Wu

Cindy A.John K.
Director, Sony Pictures

Posted on Yelp Dec. 2013.

I love going to see Dr Wu. He has helped me with many problems, from arthritis in my hand to low back pain to recently a knee injury. He is really good at what he does !!!! He is so knowledgable, (more…)

Helped arthritis, injury

lsUmniah A.
Student, UCLA

Posted on Yelp. Sep. 2015.

I’m really glad and satisfied by the treatment. I had a Bell’s palsy and it was showing in my face after all the medical treatment i got for a month and when I started the acupuncture it shows right away (more…)

Bell’s palsy